Wednesday, January 16, 2013


The kids and I have been having a heck of a time getting back into the swing of things now that Christmas Break is over. We can't seem to go to be early enough to where waking up gets any easier. Even Colby, who normally has his internal alarm block set somewhere between 5:30 & 6am, has been sleeping in! He's been lamenting almost daily of how he wishes we didn't have to go back to school until February, hah!
Thankfully, the universe has taken pity on our lazy bones and has been slowly easing us back in to the real world. Their homework has been minimal, my work has been slow, & my next semester at Taft College doesn't start until next Tuesday. Once I start school things will start to feel a lot more hectic. Especially since I will be attending a class on campus once a week.
I'm trying hard to be more present for them when they are with me. Knowing that my time with them is limited keeps me in check. I do most of my grocery shopping, errands, & homework when they are with their dad. The class I'm taking will cut our time short for about a month while their dad finishes coaching basketball but then they'll be able to go over there on my class day.

I just can't believe we are already near the end of January!

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