Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hello again

Let's try this again shall we?
So a lot has happen since I wrote last but I do not plan to recap it all. Just gonna start fresh from here and move forward.
This is where things are now:

My kids are 9 & 10 and they are amazing. Seriously their stories and dance moves are very entertaining. They get excellent grades in school and are overall a lot of fun to hang out with these days. That being said, we are entering the world of Tweenville, USA, so that can be quite exhausting. Mood swings abound let me tell ya! I'm reminded of their toddler years as their arguing and crying tests my patience.

As for me, I still work part-time at a middle school as the librarian and I am still plugging away at getting a college education. I'm about a semester away from getting an AA degree. Unfortunately, most of the courses I need aren't being offered online and my life does not allow room for me to take several classes on campus. I'm coming to grips with the fact that ill get there when I get there. It's hard because I'm so close. In the meantime, I adore my job! I'm surrounded by great people and BOOKS! And the kids are pretty fun too. Other perks include: flexibility to visit my kids midday, for their awards assemblies or just because; I work the same hours my kids are in school; and I get the sand minimum days & holidays that they do (We just finished Christmas Break and it was heavenly).

So there's a mini update for ya. I typed this entire post on my iPhone with my right thumb while laying in bed in the dark. Isn't that crazy?

Till next time...


  1. glad to see you back. I had been thinking about starting back myself for a few weeks. I miss the journaling!

  2. That is one crazy-talented right thumb! haha! Your kids are so adorable! Glad you're back to blogging. I took quite a long break too... it's hard getting back into the groove!